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Construction of eight small hydroelectric power stations

IEF (code): P0089
Status: Recommended

General information:

Industry:    Energy
Country:    Georgia
Region    West Georgia, Guria

Description of project initiator:

Project initiator:    The initiative group
Experience Project initiator:    

Project Description:

Project Objective:    The main objective of the project is complete satisfaction of the needs of industry and domestic and municipal sector for electricity from their own resources.

The essence of the project:    Building 8 small hydropower stations. 4 small hydroelectric power stations will be built on the river Supsa, the remaining 4 - on the river Natanebi. total power stations - 63 MW.

Project Features:    

Public support for the project: The government offers investors a piece of land for construction of power plants for a nominal fee based on the sales contract.
Competition in the electricity market in the country does not exist, since all electricity purchased by the state. On the contrary, the country is interested in building their own power sources.

Project Milestones:    

Stage 1:

  • Construction of houses for workers, installation of generators, the central panel.
  • Construction of pressure pipeline with total length of 33.5 m.
  • Construction of the dam Tyrolean type.
  • Construction of power lines to the nearest substation with total length of 15 km.
  • Building pressure Basin.

Stage 2:

  • Commissioning.
  • Education.

Current project status:    Existing permits

Financial indicators:

The declared cost of the project, thousand USD:    55 522
The volume of investment, which requires the project, thousand USD:    52 000
Commissioning date, months:    24
Net Present Value (NPV):    3 868 987
Payback period:    66
ROI:    18%


Raw materials market:    Water Resources of Georgia ranks first among the country's natural wealth. The total length of rivers is 60 000 km. Nearly 300 rivers play an important role in electricity production. Their total annual output capacity of 15,000 MW, while the average annual production of 50 million kW / h.

Market:    The state.
Utilities and manufacturing plants.


The presence of a business plan:    Yes
Licenses and permits:    Yes

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