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Construction of the plant to produce the sun modules power

IEF (code): P0092
Status: Recommended

General information:

Industry:    Alternative Energy
Country:    Poland

Description of project initiator:

Project initiator:    Ongoing Energy Consortium

Experience Project initiator:    The consortium consists of two companies: British company, founded in 2009 for a project to build solar power plants in Hungary and the implementation of projects in CIS countries. As well as the Hungarian company, established in 2007 as an international vertically integrated company. Is known worldwide developer of technology based on thin-film PV amorphous silicon
The delivery process line and launch a turnkey plant in different countries, the capacity of 80 MW per year. This technology is implemented in the following countries: Thailand, China, USA

Project Description:

Project Objective:    To meet the market demand of alternative energy solar panels.
The essence of the project:    Building and running the plant to produce solar batteries in Poland with capacity 42 MW / year based on the advanced technology of hydrogenated amorphous silicon (technology of a-Si).

Project Features:   

  • The advantages of using amorphous silicon (technology of a-Si) compared with the crystalline (technology s-Si: solar panels on the technology of a-Si produced 30% more energy than the s-Si technology return on investment when using a technology -Si is 2.5 years, while using the technology s-Si - less than 3,8 years.
  • Increase the European Union by 2020 the share of renewable in the energy mix to 20%.
  • Significantly lower than the market price of solar cells of this technology compared to its counterparts.

Project Milestones:   

  • The plant and production line for 6 MW per year
  • Launch of the production line by 36 MW per year

Current project status:   

  • Purchase territory and real estate (about 4,000 square meters.) Finished plant in Poland
  • The first phase of a project to launch a line of 6 MW per year.

Financial indicators:

The declared cost of the project, thousand USD:    105 420
The volume of investment, which requires the project, thousand USD:    95 620
Commissioning date, months:   
Net Present Value (NPV):   
Payback period:    30 months


Raw materials market:   
Market:    Due to increasing EU share of renewable energy in the energy mix to 20% currently signed contract for the supply of solar panels in the following countries:
Germany - 50 MW per year;
Czech Republic - 25 MW per year;
Bulgaria - 15 MW per year;
Hungary - 50 MW per year;
Spain - 1 GW per year.


The presence of a business plan:    Yes
Licenses and permits:    Yes
Additional Information:    Gross annual receipts of the project, thousand USD – 36 360
Photo:    Plant of production of the sun modules power

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