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The industrial production of tire processing based on clean ozone technology

IEF (code): P0091
Status: Recommended

General information:

Industry:    Recycling of secondary materials
Country:    Ukraine
Region    Kharkov

Description of project initiator:

Project initiator:    Existing enterprise

Experience Project initiator:    Enterprise, which has available all the necessary documentation and tested the installation with the production results of the capacity of 100 kg / day of crumb rubber.

Project Description:

Project Objective:    Creation of a scientific-production enterprise for the distribution of high ozone cleaner technologies in the economy of the state. Including the organization of cost-effective recycling of valuable secondary raw materials, what is a worn vehicle tire to produce high-quality crumb rubber, which is used for the manufacture of sporting and commercial roofing.

The essence of the project:    Production of processing tires based on ozone technology capacity of 3,000 tons per year of rubber crumb.

Project Features:    Ozone technology, compared with other technologies used tire recycling has the following advantages:

  • low energy consumption;
  • reducing the number of stages of processing;
  • low wear and tear of working tools;
  • high quality finished product - small rubber chips up to 1 mm of up to 15% of the total mass and metal and textiles to 95% of the total mass;
  • processing takes place at normal (room) temperature;
  • a significant reduction in harmful emissions during processing.
  • According to the directive of the European Association processors of tires, in 1998 the EU published a decree according to which do not belong to the entire tire in July 2003 and crushed in July 2006.

Project Milestones:   

Stage 1:
•    development, implementation and obtaining sustainable operating results line tires processing capacity of 100 kg per day of quality crumb rubber.
Stage 2:
•    development, implementation and obtaining sustainable operating results line tires processing capacity of 3,000 tons per year of quality crumb rubber.

Current project status:   

  • Full implementation of the first phase of the project to yield concrete results validated with a capacity of 100 kg per day.
  • Availability of licenses for collection, processing and utilization of automobile tires, issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
  • Availability of technological conditions for production of rubber crumb.
  • The application for a patent for utility model, the Patent Office of Ukraine.
  • Prepare documents for information on copyright.
  • Availability of experimental results verified the installation.

Financial indicators:

The declared cost of the project, thousand USD:    5 807
The volume of investment, which requires the project, thousand USD:    5 807
Commissioning date, months:    6
Net Present Value (NPV):   
Payback period:    30 months
ROI:    54%


Raw materials market:    The volume of accumulated waste tire in the world is 60-80 million tons annually in the world out of use for more than 10 million tons of tires. In Ukraine in recent years appear 250-3000 tons worn tires per year.
The rate of world developments in road transport, the number of used tires will be increased annually by 10-15%

Market:    Existing established contacts with consumers, as well as advanced networking with the city of Kharkov and Kiev on cooperation in the creation of children's playgrounds.


The presence of a business plan:    Yes
Licenses and permits:    Yes

Plant of tires utilization

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